Georgia gardener raves about Monty’s products

By Bill McCluskey

When I was a kid living in Oklahoma we always raised three garden spots. We used a couple of different plant foods on our gardens, but then I left home to become a U.S. Marine and got away from gardening in 1966. I now wonder what our gardens would have looked like if we had Monty’s products then.

try thisToday people stop by and compliment me on my garden, especially the tomatoes. When I tell them about Monty’s they look at me like I’m crazy. This year’s garden is the best I have ever raised. When I transplanted my tomatoes they seem to stop growing so I sprayed Monty’s on them and they took off. Now they are nearly 6’ tall and loaded with green tomatoes and blooms. I have had a green tomato that weighed 1¼ lbs. I also have jalapeno peppers that are supposed to be 4” long and mine are nearly 6” long. I planted these peppers and tomatoes on April 20th. I have cabbage and collard seeds in cups that I planted on the 31st of May and have sprayed them one time and now they are about 4” high.

Monty’s is the best plant food that I have ever used. We don’t just use Monty’s on vegetables. My wife also uses Monty’s on her flowers. I have recommended Monty’s to a lot of my neighbors. The feedback I have gotten from them has been great. One of my neighbors had a Peace lily that she had forgotten about and it looked like it was dead. She was going to trash it so I told her to cut it back and put it in a pot with new dirt. I sprayed it with Monty’s and now it is very green and about 6” high.

I also showed Monty’s to a friend and she wanted me to spray her dead African lilies. Now they are growing and look great. She said that Monty’s brought them back from the dead. Another neighbor of mine always beats me in gardening until this year.  With the help of Monty’s I am so far ahead of him that he will never catch up.  He cannot believe the size and quantity of my vegetables. After showing my neighbors and friends my garden, they decided to place an order with Monty’s for their fall gardens. Our daughter April and her husband can’t believe the size of my vegetables, so I am going to mix some for them and I know this will convince them to order from Monty’s as well.

The way my garden looks all I can say is thank God for Monty’s. Except for becoming a U.S. Marine, your product and the sweet and nice young lady that I talked to are the best thing to happen to me. I was hoping that I could find your product here but after speaking with your phone associate I have decided to order directly from your company. I hope that I have a better garden next year even though this one is going to be hard to beat! God bless all of you and keep the great plant food coming! I will be spreading the word.


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