PlantVantage Vintage Products are here!

Monty’s Joy Juice has now become part of the PlantVantage family of products! All the great Joy Juice products you have grown to love are available in the popular 8-ounce size. We are calling our 8-ounce line PlantVantage Vintage because we have incorporated Monty’s familiar “tip of the cap,” in use since we began in 1998, into the PlantVantage label. We believe Monty fits nicely within our PlantVantage family of products while giving us the opportunity to honor Monty Justice and the Joy Juice brand. In addition to Premium Growth (8-16-8 yellow label), Premium Indoor/Outdoor (4-15-12 green label), Premium Root & Bloom (2-15-15 orange label), we have added Premium Soil Conditioner to our 8-ounce Vintage line. Previously only available in 32-ounce or larger sizes, Monty’s Premium Soil Conditioner is used by farmers and growers across the country to improve their soil health! They know a healthier soil means better growth. It works great on lawns, gardens, and landscape beds for better soils. Premium Soil Conditioner can be used on all soil types and improves your soil by increasing nutrient availability, reducing soil compaction, improving moisture retention and helping break down organic matter. Plus, it’s easy to apply!

If 8 ounces isn’t enough – and we certainly understand why it wouldn’t be – you can find the entire PlantVantage Vintage line, plus economical All-Purpose (6-11-5 blue label) and Fruit & Vegetable (4-5-2 red label) in 16-ounce, 32-ounce and 1-gallon sizes under our regular PlantVantage label. PlantVantage Premium Soil Conditioner is also available in 32 ounces.

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Monty’s PlantVantage is a line of lawn and garden products, including an activated humic soil conditioner and low rate foliar plant foods, to meet all our customers’ growing needs. These products are ideal for use in landscape beds with varying soil types; on all landscape plants; in all flower and vegetable gardens; and on new plantings of flowers, trees, and shrubs.



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