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Check out what growers and dealers are saying about Monty’s PlantVantage products

“The way my garden looks all I can say is thank God for Monty’s!” To see full testimonial click here.
> Bill McCluskey/ South Silver Creek, GA

“We use Premium Growth 
Formula to give 
the plant a boost. 
We have had the best 
results from Monty’s and 
we have tried several 
different products.”
Daniel Fisher, Owner / Daniel Fisher Landscape Nursery / Louisville, KY

“We have used 
and sold Monty’s 
products since 1999, 
after about 3 years 
I no longer needed 
to carry the 
national brands.”
Mike Brown / Paul’s Fruit Market / Louisville, KY

“The difference it 
made in my landscape 
as well as my vegetable 
garden was amazing! 
In 60 years of gardening I have never used a product that worked so well.”
> Gloria Angeletti / Lawrenceburg, KY

“I tried it on half my 
garden for the first 
4-6 weeks of the 
season, the results 
were unbelievable, 
I then applied it to 
the other half.”
Carolyn Mills / Middletown, KY

“We used Monty’s Premium Soil Conditioner this spring in an 
attempt to boost organic matter in soil thus optimizing seed 
establishment, moisture retention & stress recovery. We plan on including Monty’s in the future 
as the results were evident!”
> Chris Waldridge, Agronomist / Farison Sports Turf / Louisville, Ky

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